lunch milton keynesAre you at work or at home wondering what to have for lunch in Milton Keynes? We can either deliver it to you or you can come and visit us in our café in Milton Keynes to get your lunch

When it comes to eating your lunch in Milton Keynes we have various options available to you for your lunch. How about a health conscious gammon ham brown bap? Or a large tuna mayo salad? If you work on a building site or have a manual job then maybe something hearty like a large French stick with plenty of filling. Whatever it is that you want we have enough range to satisfy your taste buds’ desires.

Do you take a proper lunch break? Did you know how you spend your lunch break has a huge impact on how you feel for the rest of the day? People that regularly skip lunch won't realise that maybe they have fatigue creeping up on them. Fatigue can lead to feeling fed up in your job or even burnout. Along with eating it may be recommended to use your time to replenish your concentration levels by taking a walk, doing stretches or even taking a quick nap.

We cater for a wide range of different events, such as weddings, parties and BBQs.

For your lunch in Milton Keynes, we can either deliver it to you or you can visit us. We have a minimum order of £15 within a 3 mile radius of Bletchley and £20 for the rest of Milton Keynes- find out more about our food delivery. We can supply deliveries to further a field for a delivery fee or if the order is of more value we may be able to offer free delivery. Please contact us for more details.

Lunch is an important part of your day.  Let us replenish your energy levels. Please get in touch and we can help you with your daily food fix.
Please get in touch via telephone or email if you would like your lunch in Milton Keynes.