brunches milton keynesWelcome to brunch in Milton Keynes. We often find we cater for people in between breakfast and lunch but we know this isn’t a new trend.

Brunch or brunches as we call it comes from a time long ago. Instead of breakfast on a Sunday morning, some people used to eat meat and savoury pies around 12pm. This was because on a Sunday people could get up later so there was no need for breakfast. Nowadays we offer brunch in Milton Keynes on any day of the week.

We would like to adopt the idea that brunches is a very cheerful and sociable time as we sure it would have been in years gone by. So why not join in this  great way to be with friends or colleges to do something positive together and enjoy brunch.

Visit our café in Milton Keynes for your brunches or we can offer food delivery to your home or workplace.

We have a minimum order of £15 within a 3 mile radius of Bletchley and £20 for the rest of Milton Keynes. We can supply deliveries to further afield for a delivery fee or if the order is of more value we may be able to offer free delivery. Please contact us for more details.

If you’re looking for brunch or brunches Milton Keynes then we can accommodate your needs. Often we can deliver to you within an hours’ notice.   
We have lots of customers that have brunches delivered on a daily basis
Please contact us via telephone or email if you would like your brunches delivered to you.